The Importance of Fashion Design with innovative Surface Textiles


Technological processes that evolve continuously improve as we develop as human beings.

The beauty of fashion Design with Innovative Surface Textiles is that the Designer thinks outside the box at all times to produce a masterpiece that is so extravagant.

“For my beautiful Designs are loud, and they stand out from the crowd”.

 “There are no boundaries and no conditions as a Designer – you have to condition your mind not to put everything you see outside the box, or you will limit yourself”.


My Design process is extravagant, and I’m looking at different forms of art visiting museums to find another way to create Innovative techniques for Surface Textile Design.

I aim to combine two or three methods for a Collection.

Innovative Designs specialize in Surfaces Textiles, using materials from household waste to high-end of the market Fabrics, leaser cuts etc.

Designers are sometimes expected to bring their toils which is a construction of the Design in calico. They know the fibres to play around with different types of weave, add fringe or tassels or high- low effect or add some texture to combined Textiles Design.

When I Design and make, I like to go with the feel of the Fabric that I’m working with to pull out as much Innovative Design as possible while working on the material.

I plan, and I tend to use draping to gain different shapes or unpick a garment and resemble it in a separate order.

Over the years, I like to add finishing touches to a Garment at the end of the Design and make processes, as you would when finishing a room you just painted.

There are so many materials to be inspired when Designing with draping; is the motion is inspirational, it’s trying to capture the single second of jux to position a movement within a single shot from a high-speed camera then developing into Fabric Design.

The experience of Design development, Creativity and Innovatively also applies Technically.


Textiles Designers have six job responsibilities, the first in pattern and print.

Designers are expected to be talented Printers, and Pattern Designers should know how to create repeat patterns in photoshop and illustrator. Not every textiles product requires a repeat pattern.

Textiles Designers draw new motifs to create multiple Colours on an existing Design and arrange layouts with CAD for colourways of current Designs; arrange arrangements in the best composition for the product.

The beautiful thing about making your own Fabrics for Fashion is that you can do anything simultaneously. I like to create materials from scratch; besides pattern cutting and construction skills, I can communicate my work very clearly and visually within the progress.


So Pantone, the language of versatile colours for all Designers it’s a system for Colours of different materials applications.

The Designer uses Pantone chips in paper, cotton or polyester,In graphic Designer may use the standard PMS colour.

The factory will custom dye fibres to the Pantone chips you selected for your palette to custom dye with limited colours for Garments.

Work with a limited colour pallet of twenty or thirty Colours so the factory can bulk dye the yarn for a range of Colours.

The factory will send you yarn poms to work with as I design a collection of Innovative Surface Textiles; sometimes, tiny paper chips of Pantone colours are complex to compare the fabrics,

So yarn pom is better for comparing materials.


Textiles Designers are often be expected to juggle custom projects with lines projects.

With Custom projects, you’ll be working with a private label or client with a licensor; you will be responsible for bringing their artwork and vision to life in Innovative Textiles Designs you work on.

Line projects are collections of Textiles developments for a company’s brand. Any buyer can shop online for these products from your mainline of designs and pick them off the shelf, and it’s exclusive to them. Innovative Surface Textiles chance with creative ideas and have an opportunity to be made into samples or even potentially bought by retailer pre-E-Commerce site sometimes there exclusive sometimes they’re not.


Designers are heavily involved in setting up the virtual Runway Show and marking all the products, anything from display Photoshoots at Fashion Shows to styling and arranging areas around for a beautiful presentation to market the Textiles.



There’s a little boundary between personal life and work and independent work as an independent designer. The two feed each other subquery.

I think my training in the industry as a Designer is evident in my work; I define my work with challenging different Fabrics rethinking the making process.

Materials can change shops and flow to behave differently in the last year I made a wedding dress it is actively important to promote fields of work, so more people will be interested.

Creativity is the ability to combine constructive thinking with a sense of application. I focus very much on a holistic approach to Fashion and Textile Design.

I work on experimental projects; things don’t always turn out as expected, but sometimes I will have a breakthrough with something else, or I then say, okay, I’ll do it again; I try not to be too precious about garments.

I create Innovative Surface Textiles Designs specializing in Surface Textiles for Fashion with Creative Design, offering a range of garments made to measure and, in some cases, simplified by up-recycling clothes into new luxury Garments.

I’ve been very interested in the concept of possibility in fashion Design with Innovative Surface Textiles. One of the roles that artists and designers bring to the world is to show people what’s possible.
Being in a magical every day or as much as possible in our life, trying different Design and merging Technology Arts Fashion engineering and just creating experiences that didn’t exist before.

Have a look around, and if you have anything questions about Innovative Surface Textiles let me know in the comment below I have lots more experireance to share, and will be more than happy to help you out.


Yours sincerely many thanks
Jade Wright

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