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Welcome to my page

My name is Jade, and I’m a surface textile designer.

I went back to education when I was relatively young, after having three children to study A.V. C. E. in art and design and AS in photography.


I could not decide what pathway to take in the art world, surface textile print, or fashion artists; in the end, I chose fashion.

So I went back to college, and I did a woman wear a pattern cutting course and a sewing course. Down the line, I started a BTEC in art and design specializing in surface textiles and fashions.

During my studies, I lost a loved one that was dear to me. My world fell apart. It threw me in a different direction from my pathway.

I went from being a vibrant, outgoing person to being a stay at home mum – I’d lost all hope.

But nothing tried, nothing gained.



IN March 2014

I started making my daughter’s prom dress from home to get myself back into sewing things.

It was such an important piece that I started three months before the deadline.

I‘ve made garments several times but never sold them.

” I looked at my garment as artwork, as if it was a drawing on the wall and not a garment to be worn”.

So I challenged myself to make my daughter prom dress as a gift, all expenses paid by me.

I’d never made a prom dress before or made a garment from scratch at home. I’d always sewed at college or university where you could ask someone if you went wrong or needed help. I was on my own with this one.


During the process of making the garment, I used sixty meters of chiffon organza fabric in three different shades of pink.

I never measured my daughter once in the whole design and making process, and I made the dress to fit her like a glove.

”I measured her with my eyes.”




I had a vision of cascading chiffon organza mixed with hot pink fabric, individually gathered by hand and placed.

As designers, I have to feed the brain, so I started looking at different prom dress design details on YouTube.

My daughter’s only requirement is that it has a heart-shaped princess cut neckline with diamonds, and it has to be hot pink. I was searching YouTube for inspiration, and I came across a video called Shabby Chic Art Dress – Paper / Mache and Lace. At Mi Cottage Crafts on YouTube.

I made the prom dress by using a mannequin as a mold to create the heart shape cut in the front.

The method used was paper mache mixed with P.V.A. glue for the bodies, applied to this method several times.

Then I sprayed the entire bodies hot pink and left it to dry.

For the bottom half of the dress, I gather the chiffon fabric to make a ruffle. Then I attached all pieces to a mesh I made with a piece of elastic at the top of the waistband. It took me three months to complete the prom dress. Most of the fabric manipulation was by hand.


I used two thousand two hundred Diamond Swarovski Crystal beads with glass.


Shabby Chic Art Dress – Paper / Mache and Lace. 2 Avatar image











I aim to create innovative designs specializing in surface textiles and fashion, offering a range of garments made to measure and, sometimes, simplified by up-recycling clothes into new luxury garments.



Have a look around and if you have anything similar to share,

I would love to hear.


Founder of Pretty Pink Prom Dress


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